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Welcome to Do The Green Thing, a public service for the planet that uses creativity to tackle climate change.

Since 2008, we have worked with a global community of creatives to make films, posters, Walkcasts and Everyday Things that have inspired 40 million people to live more sustainably.

But that’s not enough. With a solution to climate change getting no closer, and the consequences of that looming ever larger, we need to roll up our sleeves and take issue with modern life. To take on all the assumptions and behaviours that lead us to make unsustainable choices so regularly.

Over 500

creatives around the world have donated their time and talent

So that’s what we plan on doing. Every two months, we’ll publish an Issue that challenges the unsustainable status quo through long-form arguments and creative provocations.

Our hope is that by looking at modern life a little differently - at its culture, or behaviour or politics - and offering thoughtful, provocative alternatives, we can all be empowered to live more sustainably every day.

Read our latest issue: Why Theresa May’s Brexit means oh shit.

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